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Michael Schumacher Q&A: Still plenty of work to do

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Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP PETRONAS MGP W01 With just over two weeks to go until the Bahrain Grand Prix, 11 teams are testing at Barcelonas Circuit de Catalunya this week. Mercedes GP are amongst those in action, keen to make the most of the dwindling track time left before Marchs Sakhir race. Although Michael Schumacher only managed to clock the seventh-fastest time in the MGP W01 on Friday, he remains confident his car wont let him down as he targets a fruitful 2010 season…

Q: Michael, after this test the next stop is Bahrain. Are you satisfied with the car?
Michael Schumacher: Only the future will show if its a winner. We are working very hard and there is still a lot of work to do. I would not say that at the moment it is all going according to plan, but on the other hand I know that the car here in Barcelona is not the car that I will drive in Bahrain. There are still upgrades that are missing, so it is quite difficult to make a valid judgment of where we are. But in general, I would say that I dont see any reason why we should not have a say on the championship.

Q: What was your programme on Friday?
MS: We tried to do a long run, but it was cut short to an extent by several red flags. We had a small technical issue too, so we refocused on the set-up.

Q: What are your thoughts on Fridays lap times? Nico Hulkenberg was fastest for Williams…
MS: Yes, that was a little surprising, although we all know that Nico is very fast. I have to admit that I havent gone through all the times and data yet, but still - hats off!

Q: Have you got something up your sleeve?
MS: I always have…

Q: Does the car feel faster than it was at the last test?
MS: Well, that is the nature of Formula One. You develop the car, and normally you go faster. So far it is working that way.

Q: Do you think the car will be able to challenge for victory in Bahrain?
MS: Maybe not.

Q: What are your thoughts on the pace of Red Bull?
MS: I just got out of my car, so excuse me if Im not ready to give you a complete and detailed analysis of our competitors. We have not been as fast today as we would have liked to have been, but that is all I can say at the moment.

Q: Does Ferrari have the upper hand at the moment?
MS: I could answer, but I wouldnt know if it was true. I would need to look at the data to get an impression of what everybody was doing.

Q: What is different about testing at Barcelona?
MS: First of all theres a difference in lap times. There are tracks where you can see from the speed or the sector times if somebody is running on high or low fuel, and there are tracks where thats difficult or not possible. It is difficult to tell at Barcelona. You might find that someone who appears to be slow actually has the best pace.

Q: What is the cars handling like?
MS: I am pretty surprised by how good the car feels, even with a full tank.

Q: Do you have an advantage over the other drivers because during your career youve driven cars built with similar regulations in mind?
MS: No. There is a notion that experience can make a difference, but the circumstances are always so specific and new that everybody has to come to terms with them.

Q: With a limited number of test days available to them, do drivers have to limit their programmes or work more efficiently?
MS: You have to work more efficiently. When I look back at 2005, we tested for over 95,000 kms and made a huge leap forward. Testing doesnt automatically mean progress - you have to know how you should test and what you should test. In this respect, the teams are all well equipped. They all have simulation programmes and structures set up already back at their factories that enable them to determine the direction of their test schedule.

Q: Germany seems to be looking forward to seeing you battle with Red Bulls Sebastian Vettel. Are you excited?
MS: I am honestly looking forward to it. Sebastian is a nice chap and weve already done things together, and that has always been fun. Im looking forward to it.

Q: Are you enjoying pushing the car to the limit?
MS: Naturally, in testing it's the only satisfaction you have. You push the car to the limit and you try to be precise and consistent. So the challenge is with yourself and you drive against the stopwatch. Over a race weekend you have direct reference - here, you don't.


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